The New Season Of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” Shows Off THE BAD BATCH

Thank everyone that Disney+ is reviving “Star Wars: The Clones Wars”, one of the best Star Wars related properties out there. And thank Disney that they are bring back Clone Force 99, better known as… The Bad Batch.

For those who don’t know the significance of The Bad Batch, you may not know that not all clones are created equal. Yes, I know that sounds absolutely stupid, but they aren’t. The Bad Batch is a group of clones who were deemed somewhat “defective”, yet are probably one of the Clone Army’s greatest assets.

Although not the biggest or most important topic of the series, The Bad Batch quickly became fan favorites, mostly because how they act and the struggles they had to endure due to being different from all their brothers.

Season 7 Concept Material/Test Animation

This new and final season’s trailer shows The Bad Batch and makes it seem as thought they are a main driving point of the season, yet this might be a red herring. It is a fact we will see the fan favorite clones, but it is doubtful that they will be an integral part in this 7th and final season.

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