The MCU And Deadpool May Finally Meet?

Now that the hype of “Avengers: Endgame” is dying down and “Spider-Man: Far From Home” is set to finish this phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, people are wondering what is in store for the series. Perhaps it’s exploring characters not once owned by Disney and Marvel, or perhaps that is all a rumor…

If you have been paying attention, there has been some rumors floating around that Deadpool will joining the MCU, with his introduction being in the third installment of the Spider-Man series. This all sounds fantastic, the merc with the mouth teaming up with an innocent teenage version of everyone’s favorite web head. Imagine the hilarity that they would indulge in. Sadly, that will not happen.

These rumors have been debunked. Telling us that Deadpool will still be getting his own solo films, separate from the main X-Men films, just like before, and will also be getting his own solo films separate from the normal MCU. But, you can be happy about one thing from this info. Marvel and Disney have said that Sony is pushing to get the character Venom to be in the third Spider-Man film. This is interesting because if you know anything about the situation going on with the movie rights for Spider-man, then you know that Disney does not own them and is basically renting out the character from Sony. With Sony pushing to get another one of “their characters” into Disney’s MCU, that could potentially mean that Sony will allow Disney to keep using Spider-Man for longer than their 4 movie contract.

So, even though some good news got debunked, there was some other good news to take its place. Spider-Man may still be chilling in the MCU, but he may get to stay there a bit longer.

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