“The Mandalorian” Season 2 Will Involve Some Skywalker Saga Fan Favorites… Including Boba Fett

At last we get confirmation from Disney and Lucasfilms regarding the whereabouts of one of the most beloved yet underused characters in pop culture history. A character so cool looking that it spawned comics and stories and toys just from his mere appearance. And it will all be coming to the next season of “The Mandalorian“.

To say “The Mandalorian” was a success is an understatement. It far goes beyond the realm of success and is now a hit staple in pop culture, being what many fans consider the perfect Star Wars show. Yet, many fans have also been asking questions as to the whereabouts of some Star Wars saga characters, considering the time in which the show takes place, after the fall of the Empire and before the rise of the First Order.

Good news, Jon Favreau has it covered. Although not giving us exact details on who may show up in the future of the show, his words do set up the chance for a bounty hunter vs bounty hunter show down between Mando and Boba Fett. This would be an interesting dynamic considering that Boba Fett is no longer a mandalorian in the Star Wars canon and Mando is. Or perhaps a revived older Boba Fett could be a mentor, in a way, for our beloved hero. There are many doors they could open if they decide to introduce the legacy of the Fett clan.

The only problem that arises from introducing these characters is… will it feel like fan service? The more recent Star Wars entries have been criticized heavily for appealing to much to fan service and nostalgia rather than building a coherent and interesting narrative/story. Could “The Mandalorian” perhaps fall down the same hole that its silver screen counterparts did?

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