“The Mandalorian” Is Finally Here And…. Wow

The first ever live-action Star Wars property to hit television sets and it is just amazing. No spoilers, other than this show is the best thing to happen to Star Wars in a long time.

The show just begins, dropping you in the foot of it. And that is the best quality that this show has. It holds onto that old western feel that was once so popular, giving to us a no non-sense space cowboy that is only here for the job and that is all. It’s as if we managed to put Clint Eastwood in space.

Written by Jon Favreau and directed by Dave Filoni, the show is what George Lucas would’ve wanted to do back in Star Wars’ hay-day, if the idea of it wasn’t so expensive. But now with streaming services and the money they can put into their exclusive shows, and especially since this one is backed by Disney, it really goes to show what can be produced if you care about something. Considering how George Lucas feels about what Disney has done with his property, I hope he at least enjoys this one.

My biggest complaint with the show is that the first quarter of the episode or so, although really enjoyable and fun, seemed as though it was to show off just how cool this character is. And it succeeded, but it felt a little like over kill at some points. Another littler problem I had with this film is all the references it had to other Star Wars pieces, at one point there is a little nod to the “Star Wars: Christmas Special” and it made me chuckled, but looking back at it, I don’t want this show to have to rely on its brand name like the films, I want it to be a show set in the brand name that does its own thing.

Some of the best things the show does is with the Mandalorians as a people, not all is revealed about them, leaving you wanting more. You see a variety of awesome looking armor and gadgets that they use, and it probably just reinforces the idea that they’re only cool because of their looks, but who cares about that they are cool.

The episode/chapter ends in a surprising way that had my jaw hit the floor, so there was also that.

The show holds a rather amazing pace and showed that it can stand up to the films in the series, rather than being brushed aside, like other Star Wars properties, by the main stream of viewers. I highly recommend the show and although don’t urge you to get Disney+, if you want to see this show that is the only way. But with that said, may the force be with you.

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