“The Little Drummer Boy” America’s First And Only Rated ‘R’ Children’s Movie


The Little Drummer Boy 1968
Rankin Bass

Growing up, we all looked for to Christmas time and especially the Christmas specials...Rudolph, Frosty, Santa Clause Is Coming To Town…you name it. As we ourselves become parents, we look forward to introducing said shows to our children. It wasn’t until a few years ago, as my oldest had just turned 20 and my youngest was a tween that we sat down to watch The Little Drummer Boy, and our jaws dropped! This Christmas Classic is actually a pretty violent show.

It starts off with this happy family a 2 loving parents and their son and within moments moments the parents are being murdered and the house burned to the ground while the boy watches. Now if that is not bad enough, the boy and his 3 animals end up being kidnapped and used to make money for his captors. There is a ray of hope though after the little drummer Boys lamb is hit he is told if he plays for the newly born baby jesus his lamb can be saved and “Hallelujah”, it works.


You don’t believe me…watch it for yourselves!