“The Joker” World-Wide Premiere and Release Date

No one can wait for the release of a different breed of comic book film. With an ever growing selection of super hero and comic book movies out there, everything is just starting to blend together… but not for long. Enter a film based on one of the famous villains, and certainly the most famous comic villain, of all time.

The world premiere for the film is set at the Venice Film Festival on August 31st. 7pm Central European time and 1pm Eastern/10 am Pacific time. Now of course there have been a couple of screenings already for large media outlets and industry viewings, but that is not the general public who will pay to see this film. Sadly for main audiences, we will have to wait until the October 4th release date for it to hit theaters.

This news also gives us a set area of time that a new trailer for the film will drop. Estimating around the August 31st area, perhaps the day before, Warner Bros. will most likely drop the trailer around the same time as the screening at the film festival to get the most amount of media publicity possible.

So sadly we will have to wait for the film that is said to “change the game” and offer a cool new refreshment to comic book movies. October 4th can’t come any sooner.

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