The Good And The Bad: WWE’s Crown Jewel

The most controversial pay-per-view of the year is finally over, offering little to no change in most departments and offering one big change that is both worrisome yet also intriguing at the same time. Although not much can be said to have changed overall, it does not mean there weren’t highs and lows of the evening, so without further adieu lets see what was good and what was bad!


Humberto Carillo wins 20 man Battle Royale and becomes #1 contender for United States Championship
= Good
Although the match wasn’t something to behold, it was pretty entertaining to watch, also bringing in the fact that it is on the kick-off show makes it deserve a good rating. Bigger and more notable names were eliminated pretty early in the match such as Buddy Murphy and R-Truth, and towards the ending we were left with Humberto Carillo, Rowan, Harper, and Cedric Alexander. In the end, Humberto managed to eliminate Rowan and Harper after sliding under their legs and tipping them both over the ropes.

R-Truth pins Singh and becomes 24/7 Champion again
After the two were eliminated from the battle royale, R-Truth rolled up Singh to get his title back. I’m saying that this is good because it shows that WWE is conscious of the happenings around the match, and further emphasizes the 24/7 Championships gimmick.

Main Show

Brock Lesnar defeats Cain Valasquez to retain WWE Championship
= Good
The match itself was pretty great. Introducing an MMA brawl into the WWE Universe while also mixing in some old fashion wrestling moves, it worked pretty well. The problems come from when you think about the match. It seemed as though Brock didn’t want to be bothered by sticking around for the rest of the show, so to compensate they just threw his match in at the beginning. Then the ending had Brock going over Cain, which makes Cain look somewhat like a chump. I know we can’t put the title on Cain, as of right now, but the fact that Brock just beat Cain, an actual UFC fighter, in a scripted wrestling match, it is just weird. And good news comes from it though, sort of, Rey Mysterio congratulated Brock on his victory but warned him that this is not over, so the story line will still continue…

The O.C. win the Tag-Team World Cup
= Good
I have to give this a good, considering how many matches were placed in this series. With so many matches and amazing talented athletes, it is impossible to label it as bad. Yet, in the end the “most dominant” tag-team (that hasn’t showed their dominance at all really) got the victory and is labeled the best tag-team in the world, after defeating the Viking Raiders

Mansoor defeats Cesaro
= Good
Two amazing wrestlers going at it, showing off skill and agility rather than character, that gets a good and there is enough to be said about that.

Tyson Fury defeats Braun Stwoman
= Bad
I know he is “the monster among men” but how can he be a monster if he gets his butt kicked more often than Godzilla does? When is the last time Braun actually won a pay-per-view match? He constantly gets his butt kicked in every way and we are supposed to see him as this dominant force in WWE? Granted we all knew that Tyson was going to win this one there was no doubt about it, but come on. Fury managed to hit Strowman, knocking him to the ground where the referee proceeded to count him out. Strowman rose at 7 but was unable to enter the ring before 10. While Fury was celebrating his win, Strowman managed to hit him with a running powerslam. Fury then got up and the two yelled at each other… That was the finish.

Singh defeats R-Truth to win the 24/7 Championship
= Bad
R-Truth got cornered backstage and ran into two locked doors knocking himself out, this gave Singh the win. Un-needed in a show that has so many matches to go.

Aj Styles defeats Humberto Carillo to retain the United States Championship
= Good
Styles cannot put on a bad match, and considering who his opponent is, there was no way this one could be a stinker. The match was pretty riveting even though the crowd was pretty dead from the last two matches. The ending was predictable with Styles getting the Calf Crusher locked in on a wounded Carillo, who tweaked his knee earlier in the match after a counter went wrong. Carillo managed to escape by getting to the bottom rope but was brought down by the Phenomenal Forearm.

Natalya defeats Lacey Evans
= Good
Despite Lacey being rather green in the ring, she managed to put on a pretty decent match here. Whether it was because Natalya was carrying her, I don’t know, but it didn’t look like it. The most interesting part of this match was the fact that it was the first women’s match. The two athletes came out in full body-suits with loose t-shirts over them, as to hide any features, which may have put viewers off for a minute. Yet as the match started to get going, everything changed. There was chants of “this is awesome” echoing throughout the crowd, and as Michael Cole even said, “The women’s evolution takes another step tonight.”

Team Hogan defeats Team Flair
= Good
For a 10 man-tag match with no eliminations, you knew it was going to be intense and you knew it was going to be physical, but I never expected it be as good as it was. With Chad Gable (I refuse to call him Shorty G) and Ricochet constantly captivating the crowd with their talents, this match was wild. Again, this one was predictable with an entirely heel team against an entirely face team, and Hogan being involved? It was like the 80’s all over again, faces always beat the heels. The match actually ended in a pretty interesting way as well. Orton was looking for the punt on Roman Reigns, but was stopped after Gable grabbed his foot and allowed Ali to knock him down, Reigns then got the win by hitting Orton with his patented unbreakable spear, allowing the 1, the 2, and the 3.

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt defeats Seth Rollins to win the Universal Championship
= Good
You can’t go wrong with Bray Wyatt as of right now, there is just an aura to him. In this falls counts anywhere match which “cannot be stopped for any reason”, ya know just like every falls count anywhere match, Rollins took the beating to “The Fiend”, yet it never slowed the monster down. There was chairs, there was tables, there was steel grates and curb stomps, but Bray Wyatt just… kept… coming.

Wyatt managed to hit the Sister Abigail on Seth to win the Universal Championship. After the 3 count, the lights went out and Wyatt was revealed to be standing on the stage holding the belt. This is intriguing because Wyatt has the belt and also because he is on Smackdown, when the Universal title is a Raw belt. This change in development comes right after the brand split that said there won’t be any crossovers between the two brands. I wonder how this will turn out.


The show was actually pretty great overall, although still pretty controversial, they managed to put on pretty great matches that kept everyone intrigued and even showcased the lesser superstars abilities in the ring. There wasn’t many bad matches, although it was interesting to see how this PPV focused more on actual ring ability rather than story-telling. Congrats WWE, this PPV was better than last years.

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