The Good And The Bad: WWE Summerslam 2019

There are two sides of the spectrum when it comes to fans talking about WWE Summerslam 2019. On one side you have the people who absolutely loved it, and on the other side you have the people who absolutely hated it. Here on the good and the bad we are going to try to pick out the good parts from the bad parts and try our best to meet in the middle.


Drew Gulak defeats Oney Lorcan to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
Although not rather interesting of a match and not many interesting spots, the match was a good way to start off the kickoff show and get people ready for the main show.

Buddy Murphy defeats Apollo Crews by way of disqualification
= Good
This match was just your average kickoff show match, but what made it stick out was the ending. Winning by disqualification, Buddy Murphy was viciously attacked by Rowan for ratting/accusing him of the murder attempts on Roman Reigns. It was great to see WWE continue an interesting story, even if it was on the pre-show.

Elias segment is interrupted by Edge
= Good
This followed your standard Elias promo, he comes out to the ring and sings a song that insults the place where the event is being held. In this case it was Toronto. This led to the appearance and interruption by Edge, Canada’s sweetheart. Edge then ended this segment by giving Elias his good old spear, while getting a big pop from the crowd.
Can I say, I hate it when Edge does anything for WWE now, I worry for him knowing his neck is not that great and seeing him in action scares me. But my love for seeing the Rated R Superstart overrides that fear, so I guess I can live with it.

Alex Bliss and Nikki Cross defeat The Iiconics to retain the Women’s Tag Team Championship
Surprisingly this was a pretty good match considering it was added to the card a couple of hours before the show even began. That also gave an excuse for some of the botches and mishaps in the match, but the women still kept going and put on a good fun match. It was also great to see Alexa come out in her ring gear that was obviously inspired by the “Toy Story” character Buzz Lightyear.

Main Card

Becky Lynch defeats Natalya and retains the Raw Women’s Championship
Slated as a submission match, these to women found great spots to pull of using all sorts of submission maneuvers. The crowd absolutely loved it, especially routing for the home country girl Natalya in the beginning, but it seemed the fans started to waiver at some point after Becky put Natalya in the sharpshooter. The two used each others finishers and signatures throughout the match until The Man made Natalya tap using her devastating Dis-Arm-Her. One spot of note was the cool sharpshooter on the turn buckle, it was interesting and different. Their is no better way to get the crowd excited for this pay-per-view than by starting it off with this match.

Goldberg defeats Dolph Ziggler
= Good
Now, this is a point of contention among fans. But, the match was enjoyable and although it buried Dolph AGAIN, it also somewhat helped Goldberg after his atrocious match with the Undertaker. The match was predictable yes, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun. Dolph started of the match with a super kick and pin that only got a 2 count, then a super kick and a pin that only got a two count, before Goldberg did what he does best. Goldberg then returned to the ring after Dolph got on the mic and flattened him a couple more times with his devastating spears. And no matter what those spears look as though Goldberg is literally going through a person, so no matter what they will always get a pop from the crowd and I’m fine with that.

“Drake” Maverick and the New Day segment
Here’s our first example of a bad thing on this pay-per-view. The New Day introduced Toronto’s very own Drake the rapper, but what it wasn’t him? It was Drake Maverick? Who would’ve known? Drake then proceeded to desperately get a laugh from people with a couple of jokes before walking off screen after realizing R Truth wasn’t there. it was pointless and un-funny sadly.

AJ Styles defeats Ricochet to retain the United States Championship
You cannot have a bad match with these two. Expecting an amazing high flying match, we instead got an interesting take on in ring performance with AJ Styles trying to keep Ricochet grounded. But of course you can’t keep the man who was meant to fly on the ground, which led to Ricochet performing a myriad of grounded but flying moves, it is even hard to describe. Now of course the match was predictable, with the outcome and the OC getting involved, but that didn’t prevent it from being great. The match ended with Ricochet flying off the top rope and AJ catching him before executing the Styles Clash and getting that 1 2 3. It is also worth noting Ricochets awesome Nightwing from DC Comics inspired ring attire. Gosh I love these two superstars.

Ric Flair and Street Profits promo
This was amazing. Seeing the world’s greatest party man and the two party dudes getting together for a beatbox version of the Nature Boys iconic theme song, I’m down for the anytime.

Bayley defeats Ember Moon to retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship
Match was boring. There was a major absence in crowd interest. The absence of a definitive heel or face didn’t help the storyline used to promote the match. Ember still hasn’t gotten her chance to run with the belt. And finally, the match seemed as though it would’ve been right at home on Smackdown, it didn’t have the PPV feel to it.

Kevin Owens defeats Shane McMahon

The match was entirely predictable from the beginning of the feud. It seemed as though I was watching a knock-off Stone Cold Steve Austin match without the story. Elias of course got involved before being beaten up by Kevin. The match ended in an interesting way at least with Kevin waiting for the ref to turn his back before giving Shane a good kick to the groin that lifted him a whole foot in the air, and then hitting a stunner for the pin.

Charlotte Flair defeats Trish Stratus
= Good
Starting off rather slow, once these superstars of the past and present starting going there was no stopping them. The match seemed like an even contest with no one holding the upper hand throughout most of the match. Stratus really showed she can still keep up though, going toe to toe with Charlotte. In the end, Charlotte got the submission victory and Trish was left in the ring with an amazing roar from her home town fans, it was a nice send off for such an amazing star.

Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton ends in both superstars being counted out
= Bad
On paper this match would have been absolutely amazing. A feud that has been building up for years now ends in the ring, yet it ended outside in a count out in an attempt to extend the rivalry. This was the only ending I didn’t predict throughout this entire pay-per-view, yet Kofi did keep the title so I guess I was right. The only interesting moments throughout this match were the RKO out of no where to Kofi and Randy taunting Kofi’s ring-side family. Other than those two things, the match seemed average at best and ended in unsatisfying booking.

Bray Wyatt/The Fiend demolishes Finn Balor
The best and greatest part of the entire PPV. Of course the outcome was predictable but seeing Wyatt come to the ring with his adjusted Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie theme song was sight to behold. Wyatt also came out with a lantern that had his own decapitated head on it, showing the pure terror of this character. Balor of course tried to put up a fight looking frightened throughout most of the match, and wearing all white to offset the demonic outfit of The Fiend. There was even more in ring story telling when Wyatt’s personalities came into conflict about what should be done to Balor who was broken and beaten on the floor. One of the most interesting things in the match was when Bray Wyatt snapped the neck of Finn Balor, this move was executed so perfectly that it actually seemed as though he had broken Finn’s neck. The match finally ended with the mandible claw that led into a pin. An amazing debut match with a spectacular entrance, the match finally ended with the lights going out and The Fiend being no where to be seen. The Fiend is set up to be a dominant force in WWE and an amazing interesting character all around and it is the best thing WWE has going for them, DO NOT MESS THIS UP WWE I SWEAR TO GOD.

Seth Rollins beats Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship
= Bad
Now as you may know, I am not the biggest Seth Rollins fan, but that is not why I am marking this as a bad match. The match itself was actually sort of good with Seth landing on his feet every time Brock tried to execute a german suplex. The problem I had with this match is the ending. Seth won after barely being able to stand on Raw earlier in the week, and Seth is once again holding the championship after losing it to Brock at the previous PPV making the title look like trading card by how many times it is switching hand. The match also somewhat tarnished Brock, and I know many people don’t like Brock due to his part time contract, but losing to a guy who could barely walk earlier in the week turns The Beast into The Meek. It was just an overall boring predictable outcome, and you know for a fact that Seth is still going to be a baby-face champion because he WWE’s top guy (for some reason) when he should be a heel because it matches him so much better.


The PPV was better than expected. Although every match had an outcome that turned out exactly how I predicted it, the stars within the matches more often than not put on a hell of the show for the people in the stands as well as the people watching the show. Although WWE still has to manage their matches because some were definitely fatigued by the hype of the previous ones, the PPV overall was pretty great. And I believe it is worth stating that no matter what, The Fiend vs Finn Balor match was the best and most interesting on the card, please WWE don’t screw The Fiend up… I am begging you from the bottom of my heart do not screw Bray Wyatt up again.

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