The Good And The Bad: WWE Clash of Champions 2019

One of WWE’s better Pay Per Views of 2019, this PPV was filled with some great story telling and amazing spectacular wrestling. Although not a perfect PPV, WWE managed to reverse expectations by providing something many wouldn’t expect but still enjoy.


Drew Gulak defeats Lince Dorado and Humberto Carillo to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
A great match to open up the night. Drew Gulak has been an amazing staple point for the pre-show these last couple PPV’s. It’s almost a shame that 205 Live is getting cancelled considering how these wrestlers, no matter what, can put on an entertaining show for the crowd.

AJ Styles defeats Cedric Alexander to retain the United States Championship
Of course it was good, Cedric Alexander, an amazing high flyer that wows us with his skills, versus AJ Styles, one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. It was rather shocking that this match was on the pre-show considering how entertaining it was, but yet there wasn’t much story behind it other than the equivalent of the two shaking their fists at each other and the occasional attacks backstage by the O.C.


Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler defeat Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman to win the Raw Tag Team Championships
There really isn’t much to say here. The ending was predictable, but overall it was a pretty decent match. It wasn’t bad, and seeing the in-ring chemistry of Ziggler and Roode was actually interesting. Those two could make a pretty great tag-team together if reworked, and that would also help them find their ground in a company that they are just floating around right now. Of course being a Braun and Rollins match, the two had to hit their usual spots. Braun circling the ring trucking people and hitting Rollins, kind of. Roode managed to finish off the match by hitting Rollins with a Glorious DDT, which caused Strowman to storm off to the back angrily and get prepared for their match later that night.

Bayley defeats Charlotte to win the Smackdown Women’s Championship
This one has a rather divisive finish. Some weren’t happy with what went down, but I am willing to bet that this isn’t the end of the road for these two women. Bayley explored her full heel turn with Charlotte getting that home town pop. Bayley would end up winning the match by removing the bottom turnbuckle cover while recovering in the corner as Flair was being distracted by the referee. Bayley then clammed Flair’s face into the exposed turnbuckle and rolled her up for the pin. After getting the win, Bayley grabbed her title and sprinted to the back, further cementing her heel attitude.

The Revival defeats The New Day and wins the Smackdown Tag-Team Championships
Yet again, not much to say about this match. I think WWE may have finally found out how to book The Revival. The two managed to take advantage of Xavier Woods’ bad knee. Then Dawson hit Woods with an inverted figure-four causing Woods to tap out.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defeat Fire & Desire to retain the Women’s Tag-Team Championships
These titles still don’t feel like they have any legitimacy behind them, and this match doesn’t help. Although I am a big fan of both Bliss and Cross, and their tag-team, it seems as though Cross is carrying the team and not much else. Fire & Desire haven’t felt like a threat through this rivalry and the most enjoyable part of the match was when R-Truth ran through trying to flee from a bunch of low-card wrestlers. Bliss at one point rolled up Truth but only got the 2 count, the match then continued as Truth and Carmella ran through the crowd. Cross got the win on Rose with her swinging fisherman neckbreaker and a pin.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeats The Miz and retains the Intercontinental Championship
A boring match with no actual story to make up for the lack of interest. This match did one thing in subverting my expectation that Miz would win the title and put an end to Chris Jericho’s record of IC Title reigns. Nakamura won with the help of Sami Zayn, who distracted the ref after Miz hit Nakamura with the skull crushing finale. Miz then chased Zayn, and was then kicked in the face then hit with Kinsasha and rolled up for the win.

Sasha Banks defeats Becky Lynch by disqualification and Lynch retains the Raw Women’s Championship
This is by far the best match on the card. There was excitement, there was drama, and some real tension as Lynch and Banks squared off. The first real feeling threat to Lynch’s title reign, I think there was no better way to end this match then how it was done.

The match was hard fought but ended when Lynch brought a chair into the ring. The official tried to remove the chair but Lynch swung it at Banks and accidentally hitting the ref instead. Lynch and Banks then ensued into a brawl in the crowd. Becky managed to hit the Dis-Arm-Her multiple times on Banks and would proceed to beat Banks senseless. All this assures that this is not over.

One of the best parts about this match is afterwards when Bayley took to social media to defend her friend, stating that Becky Lynch cheated.

Kofi Kingston defeats Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship
I don’t know what WWE was thinking with this match, especially putting it on after the Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch match. The match felt like it took forever. The match gave host to a ton of meticulous assaults by Orton on the champion, but did nothing to pick up the pace. It finally ended when Orton missed the punt to the head allowing Kingston to counter with the Trouble in Paradise and getting the win. In the end, seeing Kingston brutally beaten and assaulted by Orton and still win, it seemed unbelievable in a “sport” that is supposed to seem believable.

Erick Rowans defeats Roman Reigns
Well paced, this match made Rowan look like an absolute mad man capable of a singles run. Yet, something happened that could lead to an argument to prove different. This no disqualification match led to some interference. Luke Harper returned, dressed in attire similar to Rowans’. and the two proceeded to demolish Roman Reigns. Harper hit a discuss clothesline and Rowan then followed up with his Iron Claw Slam to put Roman down for the count. The question then raises as to what WWE will do next with these two, after an average storyline that put Rowan towards the front, it has certainly picked up into something that could capture the attention of audiences.

Seth Rollins defeats Braun Strowman to retain the Universal Championship
Braun doesn’t seem like a formidable threat anymore, and it is because of matches like this. Seth who was the one pinned earlier in the night, while Strowman was dealing with Ziggler, managed to pull all his strength together to put himself over the giant among men. It is as almost infuriating as when he beat Lesnar at Summerslam after all those vicious assaults on Raw.

The best thing about this match is how they ended the show. Just as Rollins approached the top of the ramp after his hard fought match with Strowman, the lights go out. There stood the Fiend, Bray Wyatt/The Fiend then hit Rollins with a Sister Abigail and the Mandible Claw, cementing his fixture in title scene and setting up a match for Hell in a Cell between the two. Now, I also have a huge problem with this. The Fiend, although the best thing WWE has right now and one of the best things in wrestling at the moment, should not be in the title picture this early. The character is to brand new and slapping a title on him will manage to damage the character. That is to say if they slap the title on him, because if Rollins beats The Fiend then that just shows WWE doesn’t know what they’re doing.


At the end of it all, the PPV was really good. Alot of exciting matches and an appearance by The Fiend. The show was paced rather well throughout and only had a couple of snores when it comes to booking. Although the main event wasn’t as interesting, The Fiend did manage to make it somewhat better with an appearance. So I congratulate you WWE, you may know what you’re doing now, except when it comes to The Fiend, all you need to do it improve upon this and you might be interesting again.

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