The Good and The Bad: AEW ALL OUT

AEW just put on the show of a life time. Arguably one of their largest PPV’s so far, with so many changes to the card and the first big championship match set for this PPV, people were wondering if AEW might roll down the cliff a little. So let’s go over it and find out if they did.

The Buy In (aka The Pre Show)

Nyla Rose wins the first Women’s Casino Battle Royale
Much like it’s male counterpart, this match was perfect to have first on the card and draw excitement for the rest of the PPV. Nyla Rose played “The Giant” role in this pay per view, being the strong person to eliminate multiple people and pose the biggest threat to the rest of the women. The match almost had it’s first elimination with Leva Bates, yet she pulled off some crazy “Kofi Kingston”-esque shenanigans to get back to the ring, before being immediately eliminated via Nyla Rose. The next big pop came from when Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes entered and attmepted to eliminate Nyla. In the end Nyla was the last standing with Mercedes Martinez being “The Joker” the final entrant. Once again in the end, Nyla Rose was left standing and became the number 1 contender for the AEW Women’s Championship.

Private Party defeats Jack Evans and Angelico
= Good
An amazing match full of outstanding reversals and counters as well as nearly perfect athleticism from these athletes. A high flying spectacle, these performers showed no care for the laws of gravity and decided to all out (no pun intended) with their moves. In the end Private Party member Cassidy pinned Jack Evans for the 1, 2, and 3 ending the match.

Main Card

SCU defeats the team of Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt
= Good
A really good 6 man tag, considering that 3 of the 6 are rather new up and comers in big time wrestling. Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt were the main focus here with them getting pops at every turn, yet this could be because the SCU was mainly holding up the match by focusing on the smaller members of the other team. Yet, despite that, the team of L, JB, and MS proved that they are fan favorites with the gimmic of a wrestler who thinks he is a dinosaur really getting over. In the end SCU prevailed. In this match it also felt like the announce team was trying out names for this new team by refering to them as “The Jungle Express” and my favorite “A Boy, A Boy, And His Dinosaur”, throughout the match.

PAC defeats Kenny Omega
Although a match that was just put together due to the original plans being Omega vs Jon Moxley, this match turned out amazing and just shows that these two superstars are two of the bests in their field. Starting out nice and slow in the beginning, this match quickly took off in the end with big move after big move proving to everyone the wrestling prowess of these two superstars. In the end, PAC causes Kenny to fade out with a variation of the Brutalizer submission. Even though submissions are known to make some wrestlers look weak, this one was perfect with Omega fading out after a grueling match making him look exhausted and putting on some in ring story telling like he is known for.

Jimmy Havoc defeats Joey Janela and Darby Allin
This match was the hardest to put a good or bad rating on. For casual fans and older audiences it may have been over the top and too much, whereas with younger fans and fans of the now extinct ECW it may have been perfect. In this match, that resembled more of a deathmatch, it really seemed as though these wrestlers were trying to kill each other. One notable “spot”, if you can call it a spot, was when Allin taped Havoc to a chair then dumped thumbtacks in his mouth before tapping his mouth closed and punching him. Allin also hit an amazing dive onto Havoc while still taped to the chair. In the end, Havoc hit Janela with a superplex onto a barrel before executing the Acid Rainmaker and taking the win.

The Dark Order defeats The Best Friends
= Bad
Although I love the tag team name “The Best Friends” and find it absolutely hilarious, this match seemed like a regular old match surrounded by grandiose epics on the rest of the card. Putting on something akin to a normal WWE PPV match, this match had suicide dives and no real significant spots. Perhaps the crowd and veiwers were tired out after the last match, but this one kind of just fell off. In the end, The Dark Order got the win and earned their first round bye in the AEW Tag-Team Title Tournament.

Riho defeats Hikaru Shida
Wow this was women’s wrestling done right. These two performers pulled out no stops to entertain the crowd and put on one of the best matches on the card. The crowd still seemed as though they were still recovering from the triple threat two matches ago, yet that didn’t ruin the match in anyway. Riho got the win with a counter roll up and gained her contender-ship for the AEW Women’s Championship match with Nyla Rose. Congrats to these two women for such an amazing match, hopefully AEW doesn’t stick them in an unnecessary tag team together because they don’t understand Japanese wrestling like WWE did. Looking at you Vince and the Kabuki Warriors.

Cody defeats Shawn Spears
= Good
This match came with some story which made it better. Following a chair shot at Fyter Fest by Shawn Spears that busted him open, Cody was now out for blood. Although there wasn’t any actual blood from Spears, Cody went on a rampage during the match after hitting Shawn Spears with a suicide dive and then going after those in his corner. This match also had some classic referee action in it, presenting the referee as something more than a useless piece of glass, with Earl Hebner putting Shawn Spears in his place when trying to whip Cody with his belt. Another notable moment featured the great tough man Arn Anderson who rushed down to the ring and hit one of his patented spine busters on Spears. Cody then got the win after a series of moves on Spears, and pinning him for the 1,2, and 3.
(Side Rating)
One moment that was very bad is Cody’s own entrance. Not because of Cody himself but because of the pyro that scared the crap out of Cody Rhodes’ dog Pharoah. Like you know dogs are sensitive to loud noises, so why was their a pyro near the dog? Bad AEW bad.

Lucha Bros. defeat The Young Bucks to retain the AAA Tag-Team Championships
With a combination of old school wrestling, in the beginning, and spot after spot outdoing the last, in the end, this was one of the best matches, if not the best match, on the PPV. There was also worry and suspense among the crowd with the thought of Fenix’s knee injury, yet that didn’t stop the Lucha Bros. from going all out in this match. The match had everything a good ladder match should have. Tables, ladders, violence, and the thought of if any of these performers are going to walk after this. The innovative minds of the Lucha Bros. and the Young Bucks is what made this match with some spots I have personally never seen before. The match ended with Lucha Bros. retrieving the titles and gaining the win, before suddenly being attacked by two masked figures who revealed themselves to be none other than… LAX. Yes, LAX is here and signed with AEW and most likely will be partners with Chris Jericho on the first episode of their show on TNT.

Chris Jericho defeats “Hangman” Adam Page for the AEW World Champion
= Good
This match was classic Jericho in action. Putting on an amazing match while also making a younger star look just as amazing. That is what Jericho is known for, his genius in the ring and outside when it comes to the business, yet there is one questionable thought when it comes to the choice of the winner for this match. Although the match was perfect with Jericho causing some shenanigans by getting in the face of Page’s family, and ringing the ring-bell saying he has already won the match, the choice to have Jericho win is rather interesting. the main spots in this match were the two reversing each others large moves into their own large moves. The match finished with Jerocho winning and becoming the first AEW World Champion.


Overall this PPV was insane although not perfect. It was a massive 5 hours which you did feel during certain matches. And the ending choice of having a part-timer Chris Jericho win the main championship is a questionable choice seeming as Jericho criticzed WWE for putting their big title on a part-timer, Brock Lesnar. They also managed to fix alot of the streaming problems that the last couple of PPV’s showing that they are learning and that is also really nice. In the end, this show was amazing and fun and I loved nearly every match on it. It also was an amazing PPV to show people who are new to wrestling because of all the newer people being shown as amazing such amazing superstars.

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