The Good and Bad: WWE Survivor Series

With the new added twist of adding NXT to the battle of the brands, Survivor Series had a lot of serious hype going into the pay-per-view. The matches were pretty spectacular, but the show had one crucial problem. But, before we get into that lets see which matches were Good and which matches were Bad.


Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode win the Tag Team Battle Royale
= Good
There wasn’t much here, but it was a decent way to start everything off and get some fans excited. Although NXT ended up being the first eliminated leaving two teams from RAW and Smackdown in the ring, the match came out with Dolph and Roode on top.

Lio Rush defeats Kalisto and Akira Tozawa to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
= Good
I love some good ole fast paced, cruiserweight, high flying action. In this match, the stars really showed off their skills by putting all they had in the ring and showing the crowd that they need more screen time.

Viking Raiders defeat The Undisputed Era and The New Day
= Good
Seeing the amazing athleticism of such a big guy is astounding, and they really put that to use in this match. Showing off all the skills of the Viking Raiders, while also propping up the other 2 teams, this match was a shoe in to be fun and exciting. In the end, the Viking Raiders got the pin over the Undisputed Era and the match came to a close.


Rhea Ripley defeats Sasha Banks in the Women’s Survivor Series Match
= Good
What started out as an amazing match between to women who would give their own lives to keep wrestling, ended up becoming a slow and festering stampede that needed to end soon. The ending ended up causing a bit of confusion, as the eliminated members of team NXT came back in to cause a bit of mayhem, making fans wonder if the women were still in the match or not. Yet, other than that, teams RAW and NXT ended up holding up most of the match, while team Smackdown somewhat followed behind them.

Roderick Strong defeats Shinsuke and AJ Styles
Putting these three wrestlers together was an outstanding maneuver. Strong, being no stranger to triple threat matches, perfectlly blended into the mix and gave Shinsuke and AJ a run for their money at a couple points in the match. AJ, who can’t put on a bad match, worked perfectly with Shinsuke, a man known for his in-ring ability, and in the end the match was just as satisfying as the concept. Plus, this match made me personally want to see Shinsuke on actually wrestle, instead of giving him jobbers like they do weekly.

Adam Cole defeats Pete Dunn to retain NXT Championship
Considering all that these athletes put themselves through only 24 hours ago at Wargames, this match was golden. Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen these two superstars in the ring together, and it won’t be the last, with these two men showing off just how well they can hold a match. In the end, Cole came out with the win after reversing Dunne’s attempt at the Bitter End into a Panama Sunrise and ending it with a Last Shot for the pin.

Bray Wyatt defeats Daniel Bryan to retain the Universal Championship
We all knew the outcome of the match as soon as the storyline began. Bray and Daniel work perfectly together, so knowing the outcome didn’t hinder the excitement in any way. It was also spectacular seeing Daniel reconnect with his fans and start the YES! chants again. The only problem Daniel faced in this match was that no matter how much sweat and tears he put in that ring, nothing can keep The Fiend down, and he learned that that night. Bryan was ultimately placed in the Mandible claw with his shoulders on the mat causing a 1, 2, 3 count.

Roman Reigns defeats Keith Lee, Men’s Survivor Series Match
= Good
In order of elimination:
NXT’s WALTER, SD’s Shorty G, Raw’s Owens, NXT’s Damian Priest, Raw’s Orton, NXT’s Riddle, SD’s Braun Strowman, Raw’s Ricochet, SD’s Mustafa Ali, Raw’s McIntyre, SD’s Corbin, NXT’s Ciampa, Raw’s Rollins
It was interesting to see it come down to Roman and Keith, two men who were not leaders of their respective teams. Yet, of course Rollins had to survive until the end, but thankfully Lee got him out. The match then went on to have Reigns defeating Lee with a spear after hitting him twice with the superman punch and a kick out. Every put their souls into this match and it really showed how talented the WWE roster really is.

Brock Lesnar defeats Rey Mysterio to retain teh WWE Championship
It should’ve been Rey to win the title. Putting the 44 year old wrestler at the top with a proper title reign would’ve been a good way to send him out in the future if the rumors about him retiring are true. But instead, Rey faces yet another defeat to add to the collection. Once eveyone’s favorite underdog, now a sidenote in the list of Brock’s massacres.

Now granted, the match itself was pretty great with some run-ins and such, it really told the whole story they were going for. Adding Rey’s son Dominick to the match really made it feel personal, and having the double 619 was an outstanding feature, but it was all soured by the fact that Brock can’t lose.

Shayna Baszler defeats Bayley and Becky Lynch
What was set up to be my favorite match of the night ended up being a somewhat disappointment. The match itself was pretty great with all three women showing their characters and Baszler showing just how hardcore she really is, yet it wasn’t really worth the effort. In an era where PPV’s are just getting longer and longer, this match shouldn’t have been the main event, nowadays people get exhausted having to watch a crap load of matches, and in the end that’s what happened with fans in attendance.

The finale to the match was pretty amazing seeing Shayna reverse Bayley’s elbow drop into a Kirifuda Clutch, causing the tap out and the win. Yet, as Shayna was celebrating, a Becky Lynch emerged out of nowhere to run a train of attacks on Baszler. The attacks felt out of place considering that Lynch wasn’t the one to have tapped out, and it just made her look a bit silly sadly.


In the end, this PPV suffers from what most WWE PPV’s do… It was just too damn long. Although filled with great matches, you can’t expect me to be excited for every single one of them. And in the end the results were RAW with 1 win, Smackdown with 2 wins, and NXT taking its place as the top brand with 4 wins. Now any WWE fan knows that these wins don’t actually matter, but it is awesome to see that they are elevating NXT to the position it deserves.

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