The Forest May Not Be What It Seems As “Black Wood” Comes Closer To Release

The combination of two classic genres come to life in the new film “Black Wood.” An indie horror western brought to you by director and writer Chris Canfield.

In this film:

Set during the 1870s Black Wood follows Dowanhowee, a Native American woman, as she searches for a new family after hers was brutally murdered by a group of masked men. On her journey, she crosses paths with the notorius Dutch Wilder Gang, a group of outlaws struck with gold fever. In desperation Dowanhowee steals a horse from the men and races to an area known as the Black Wood Forest. The men are soon hot on her trail and capture her. After interrogating her the men find value in her and make her help them find a hidden gold vein that runs through the area. Soon Dowanhowee and the Gang discover they have unknowingly awaken an ancient creature that lurks within this dark forest. They must now band together and fight to survive against this creature with an unending hunger, known in ancient legends as the Wendigo.

Myke Michaels, CEO & Founder of Wolf Pack Film Works, is head FX and Stunt Coordinator on this production, and Eric Corneliuson and Ryan M. Hall are producing.

The film stars:

Glenn Morshower (AftermathThe ResidentBloodline), 

SAG awards Nominee Stelio Savante (Running For GraceRapid Eye MovementThe Cleaning Lady), 

and Bates Wilder (Tator Tot & PattonThe Great WarAmerican Woman) star in writer-director Chris Canfield’s western horror BLACK WOOD. 

The cast also includes Andrew Stecker, George Thomas Mansel, and 2019 Miss Montana, Tanajsia Slaughter.

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