By: Nick Kelley

The Following


         As was left off in last week’s episode of The Following, Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) has left with Claire (Natalie Zea) on a boat, Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and Michael Weston (Shawn Ashmore) are reminded once again about The Masque of the Red Death at the evacuation center, Emma (Valorie Curry) kills Jacob (Nico Tortorella) in a Murders In the Rue Morgue type fashion because she can’t love both Joe and Jacob, and Debra Parker (Annie Parisse) reminds us about a familiar Poe story entitled Premature Burial in which, you guessed it, Debra is buried alive. Wow, that is a lot to soak in for one episode.


         In this episode, we see all of these events come to a head when Hardy is given a phone by a mysterious boy wearing a Poe mask who tells Hardy that it is sent from Emma. As Hardy calls the number on the phone to find out who will be on the other line, you come to find out it is Debra. She tells Hardy about where she may be and the whole team goes searching. Meanwhile, Claire wakes up in a lighthouse with Joe. At this point she seems to be unfazed by any threat Joe throws at her while Joe seems to still be losing his grip little by little and she learns that there is a man being held in the household whose name is Andy.

         In the meantime, Hardy, Weston, and Debra’s abductor Alex find her grave and start digging her out. However, their joys soon take a turn when they find her to be dead. After Alex makes a remark about them being too late, Hardy shoots him in the head. Inside Debra’s grave though, Hardy finds a manuscript that states everything that just happened with one major difference…Alex was supposed to have killed Weston. Upon reading the manuscript, Hardy goes out to find Joe on his own to end this madness once and for all. Back at the lighthouse, Joe finds out how Claire knew that he killed all of the women and is very displeased with Claire blaming herself for the deaths. However, he shows pity for Claire and tells her that denial is a powerful emotion and that she has always been the victim and not the perpetrator. All of a sudden he grabs Andy and starts stabbing him repeated times in front of Claire. This was to show her that she did not kill those women and to never take away the credit he deserves from those murders again because they are his and his only.

Hardy and Carroll

         Hardy arrives at a house as instructed in the manuscript and finds Emma there and is suddenly knocked out by another cult member. Hardy suddenly awakens in the lighthouse with Claire and Joe and is informed that this is the finale. Joe goes to kill Claire but Hardy tells him that she cannot be killed because it would make for a boring story. Joe sees what Hardy is trying to do and ignores him. However, when Hardy starts attacking Poe, Joe goes in for the kill, but Hardy stops him. Joe escapes to a boathouse outside the lighthouse where Hardy goes after him. Hardy is taken by surprise when Joe attacks him and fires off a few shots that start a fire to where only Hardy escapes. The boathouse then blows up with Joe inside and he is now presumed dead. Claire finds Hardy and both of them walk off feeling safe for the first time in years. It cuts to morning where Weston and the rest of the FBI are at the lighthouse where Claire is reassured that Joe is finally dead. Fast forward to Hardy’s apartment where he is with Claire. Hardy hears a knock at his door where he is delivered food. Although, standing behind him is Molly (Jennifer Ferrin), whom we found out is also a member of Joe’s cult. She stabs Hardy and then stabs Claire who goes to help Hardy. The screen then goes to black and the show ends leaving you wondering how this will continue next season.

        Anyone who has followed The Following (yes that was intentional) was left wanting more and I know I am ready for what the series throws at me next. It is not however the final chapter like the series suggests and we are left with our own theories as to what will happen next season.


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