The Fastest Man Alive…Body Shamed?

Grant Gustin Fires Back At Body Shamers Over New Flash Suit Leak

Good news… we now know what the new Flash suit looks like after the previous seasons version of the suit was shredded in the finale.  Bad news… people are hating it for no reason and calling out Grant Gustin ( The Flash) for looking to thin.

First, I would like to start this off by saying I completely understand Grant Gustin’s side here.  I was born with a very thin build and have gone through nearly 20 years of bullying.  From the constant questions to my mother and/or I asking if I eat to the constant statements and insults calling me skinny.  So I understand why Grant Gustin would be so upset about this, having what i guess is the same build and metabolism.

Let me say the leaked picture seems to be following a more comic book adaptation and was taken at an awful angle without the knowledge of actor Grant Gustin.  It also doesn’t make sense that people would complain about the suit looking to skinny,  the Flash is not Batman, he’s not Superman, and he certainly isn’t Aquaman.  The Flash is not supposed to be this super jacked superhero, in fact it makes alot more sense of him being thing seeming as his metabolism is in hyper drive.  The entire situation is ridiculous and just crushes the dreams of those thinly built kids out there who may want to be superheroes one day.

Check out what Grant had to say below:


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