Since publishing this story, I have had many people get in touch with me telling me their stories of seeing a shadow demon. To read what I had wrote gave them some kind of vindication that they were not crazy. These things do exist, and once you have had an experience with something so evil that it touches your soul and you are never the same. Here, is our story…feel free to share yours!


In 1998, my now ex husband, my 5 year old son Nicholas, and I just moved back to Greenviile, RI. We were excited, as we just rented our 1st home at 969 Greenville Avenue, right down the street from my parents. Throughout the next 4 years, I welcomed 2 more boys, Jacob in 1999 and Hunter in 2002. During that time, I worked hard to be mother, wife, and business woman.

969 Greenville Avenue, RI







In 2006, my life as I knew it…ended! Long story short, my husband was not the person I thought he was, and from that moment forward, our lives were never the same. After a long fight, we decided we would try to work on the marriage and keep our family together. Sadly that wasn’t the case…things escalated and turned physical which led to incidences of domestic violence. Still, for reasons at the time I could not figure out, I tried to make it work which leads us to FETCH.


The year was 2007, and I was in the basement doing laundry when Hunter (age 5), came running down the stairs to tell me something. I stopped him before he hit the floor and told him not to come down due to some boxes falling over and several items breaking. As I looked at him from the laundry room heading back upstairs…I saw it…A shadow, not much taller than Hunter run across the back wall of the basement only to disappear by the garage door.

I ran upstairs and told my husband who basically said I was seeing things and I was crazy, yet, it didn’t take very long for everyone else in the house to see it too..

It started with small things, taking off my glasses and putting them on the nightstand before bed only to wake up and they were gone. I found them 2 days later behind a radiator, a computer cord would go missing, keys would disappear only to be found a few days later in totally different location. I remember stacking out cd’s in alphabetical order and turned for minute to grab some more only to turn back and find them all in a pile again. After speaking with a friend who knew about the paranormal, he stated it could be a Shadow Demon, of whom we named Fetch. 

Fetch although unsettling, I was not afraid of. I can’t tell you why. He just didn’t feel evil. It was what shortly followed Fetch that to this day, gives me goosebumps and makes my heart skip a beat.


I don’t know how long it was there. Life in that house became so volatile! It was such a dark time. My dog Lexa, had taken to being by my side every moment of everyday. I figured it was because of everything going on. Now I know it was that…and more. One night while laying in bed, I saw Lexa lift up her head, ears perked and she growled. I looked around to see what she was looking at, and then I saw her head moving and then I saw what she was looking at. It was a figure, grey and fuzzy…with no particular shape moving in front of my bureau, only to disappear when it reached my closet.

After that night, things got worse. Lights would turn on and off. You would shut a door only to walk by a few minutes later and it was open again. We always felt like we were being watched. There were certain places it felt worse…the door leading to the cellar stairs (which we ended up putting a chain lock on do to it closing and opening at will), the top of the stair leading to the attic, and the hallway between the bedrooms on the 2nd floor. It was one of those things…you would see something move out of the corner of your eye and when you looked there was nothing there, but you always felt eyes on you.


As things got worse, I took a chance and asked my sister in law (a Wiccan) for help in how to cleanse a house and she gave me a smudge stick and showed me what to do. Things seemed to get better for a bit, but as relations between myself and my husband got tense it, would start once again.

One night, my youngest son Hunter came running into my room crying about how he heard something in the closet. I, of course went to check it out for him. The door to the boys closet would never close do to it being crooked. I showed him that there was nothing in the closet or under the beds. This continued night after night, week after week. I even tried coming up with a monster spray with no luck, every night Hunter would end up in bed with us. He even got to the point where I, or one of his siblings would have to stand outside the bathroom, shower curtains could not be fully drawn and he swore he would see something in the mirror.

Nothing would work to appease his fears!


Two years into owning Shallow Graves Magazine, we were riding high. Going everywhere…covering everything. One night we were at Fenway Park in Boston to cover the premiere of The Town. What a night!!! We sat near Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, and Jon Hamm, a few rows behind us was Matt Damon. Because the movie was being shown at Fenway, we were all given black fleece blankets that had ‘The Town’ sewn on them. That night we got home, I put the boys to bed and covered them with their blankets and after they went to sleep I grabbed my camera for some pictures. They looked so cute!

I went in and took a picture of Jake, then Hunter. I left the room to check them out…Jake’s picture was fine but Hunter’s picture was blurry. ODD. I went back in and took several more pictures and the same, Jake’s were fine and Hunter’s were blurry. No matter what I did, I got the same results and could not help but wonder now if something had attached itself to my baby.


A few months went by and I had a few friends flying in to celebrate my birthday, L & M.  M is from WI and L is from IL. Once they arrived, I set them up in the boys room and we went about catching up and discussing our plans for the next day, then off to bed we went. The next morning as we are getting ready, L calls out to me asking if I had seen her gold necklace with a locket. We searched everywhere to no avail and decided to look again once we got home. That night, L opens up her suitcase and sitting on top is the necklace, it was then I decided to fess up and tell them what had been happening. Both looked at me shocked and had a confession as well that the night earlier, they had heard indistinguishable sounds in the room, and it was worse around Hunter’s bed. Neither stated they ever wanted to visit again.


A year later, my husband left, which forced my boys and I to move to a smaller house. The house at 969 Greenville Avenue sat empty for a few years. People would often state that they could see what looked like a person in the window upstairs but they were just enough out of site to get a good look.

In 2014, the house was sold and completely gutted. It looks nothing like it did when we lived there, which may be a good thing if you believe…


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