The Crow…Is It Really That Great?

I Mean…

Now before eyes are rolled, let me at least make my case. I love The Crow and ended up discovering the iconic film at the angst filled age of 13. All of the darkness and grungey music pulled me right into its decrepit world. I remember trying to learn Eric Draven‘s melody he played on guitar atop his burned out apartment roof when I first picked up the instrument. But in all reality, what does the film really have to offer?

After not seeing The Crow for a few years, I decided to rewatch and relive moments past. The whole shebang had the same attitude and dark appearance to it, but presented really nothing to offer when it came to story. Sure it took a lot of main points from the comics, but what else is there to really latch onto. I mean…all of the fame that came with it seems to really ride off of Brandon Lee‘s death and the “curse” that surrounds it. It has become more of a legend than an actual movie. Almost like a cult classic (wink wink)!

Don’t get me wrong, the sequels instead of distancing themselves tried to rely and imitate the success of the first. Brandon Lee gave a great performance and the whole production is stunning, (here comes the but….) but there’s almost nothing to hold onto like a great story does.

I know that Lee‘s death impacted principal scenes, but how major were they with only eight days of production left? Most of the films triumph came from all of the underdog aspects that surrounded it like his death, editing whether it was script or unfinished scenes, and emerging as a sleeper hit in the box office.

I still love The Crow and hope it is passed down to future generations, however I’m also waiting to see if and how the reboot will bring new life into the franchise. Hopefully it can wash the taste of The Crow: Wicked Prayer out of my mouth at the least…