The Avengers 5 Greatest Villains

There is often a saying that surrounds anything that has heroes, “A hero is only as good as its villains” and to be honest without a good villain what is a hero? Today we will be going over the Avengers greatest villains. These villains are often the ones who create the biggest threats for the migthy superhero team and are known to cause near world ending events.


Following the same old trope of the robot who believes humanity is corrupt and obsolete, Ultron was in fact created by one of the Avengers. Dr. Hank Pym created Ultron (Tony Stark in the MCU) and didn’t even know about, due to some mind wiping on Ultron’s behalf. The danger in Ultron strives from his ability to change bodies so quickly by downloading his conscience to a new one. Other features that make him such a threat is his adamantium outer shell and the fact that he is constantly upgrading his new bodies.

Fun fact: Adamantium, the metal often associated with Wolverine, first appeared in “Marvel Comics’ Avengers” #66 as the covering of Ultron’s outer shell


More often considered a Spider-Man villain, Norman Osbourne is one of the greatest masterminds to come up against the Avengers. As the one who orchestrated the attack on Asgard, Norman Osbourne’s actions led to the death of multiple heroes and the release of the Sentry’s evil counterpart, the Void. Norman Osbourne is also the one credited with the creation of the “Dark Avengers”, a team made up of super villains posing as heroes, where he himself took on the mantle as Iron Man, or Iron Patriot.


Probably expected to be higher on this list, Thanos is right where he belongs. Thanos is a relatable villain both in the MCU and in the comics. In the MCU, Thanos is a man trying to fix the universe and prevent unnecessary deaths, making the hardest choices of all. In the comics however, Thanos is just a man trying to impress a lady, and if that requires deleting half the universe so be it. The lady he is trying to impress is Lady Death, the personification of death within the Marvel Universe. Possessing an absurd amount of powers and the ability to never die, Thanos is only made even more frightening by his intellect and when he has acquired the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos is a great villain and I could honestly talk about him until I go blue in the face, both the original and the MCU, but there are villains who top that of Thanos.


No one can deny the fact that the titan known as the “World-Eater” belongs on a list of the greatest villains to face the earth’s mightiest heroes. Yet, he ranks above Thanos due to the fact that Thanos fears Galactus. In one instance, after being blasted in the face by the mad titan, Galactus shrugs it off and chases the purple headed alien who runs away. Before catching up to him and putting Thanos through a massive amount of pain.

Galactus has threatened to devour the Earth on multiple occasions, always being stopped by the likes of the Avengers or the Fantastic Four. Galactus, much like Thanos, possesses a massive amount of abilities, such as: immortality (living since before the big bang), creating life, creation of force fields, resurrection, and the ability to absorb the life essence of planets, which are all bestowed on him by the “Power of the Cosmic”. Galactus is one of the biggest threats to the entire Marvel Universe and has even been called the strongest villain in the Marvel Universe by Stan Lee himself, but being the strongest doesn’t make him the greatest.


Yet to be portrayed in a way that suits the character justice, Victor Von Doom, the ruler of Latveria, is the greatest threat to the Marvel Universe. Possessing an intelligence that matches Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and only surpassed by Reed Richards, he is known for creating technology to rival the likes of alien civilizations. In addition to his massive intellect and technological prowess, Doctor Doom also possesses magic abilities to rival the sorcerer supreme himself Dr. Strange, even being considered for the position as sorcerer supreme if Dr. Strange ever goes missing.

The most interesting aspect of Victor Von Doom, is that he believes the world would become a better place if he was the ruler of the whole planet. And he’s right! After looking in to a massive amount of futures of the world and seeing all the catastrophes that have been caused to the Earth, only one timeline is perfect and it is the one where Victor Von Doom is king of all. This has also been confirmed by Black Panthers panther god who says that Doctor Doom is correct.

Doctor Doom has also tanked blasts from the likes of Galactus and on a couple occasions killed the mad titan Thanos. He has taken the powers of Galactus, the Silver Surfer, the Beyonder, and even became God Doom, after reshaping the world as he saw fit. If that doesn’t prove that the ruler of Latveria is the greatest villain to the Avengers, or even the Marvel Universe, then nothing will.

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