The Abandoned Concert Tour 2017 Brings Music and History To Life!

What Happens When your Passion For History & Music Collide???

You get the Abandoned Concerts Tour 2017!!!

Nick & Jake at an abandoned farmhouse along Rt. 165 in Cooksville, IL

Shallow Graves Nick Kelley is an avid musician and performer, and when asked why abandoned places, “I was watching some videos where people were walking through some abandoned banks and found the acoustics amazing. I then, got the idea that it would be cool to go to different abandoned places and perform while walking around and getting the story of the place.”

Adding that, “Every place has a history whether it be an old abandoned farm house that once held a loving family, or a bank where people did their business. Now these places have been long forgotten, but they still hold an imprint of all the memories made within those walls.”