Take A Sec And Listen To Sammy Copley’s Latest Release “Good Lie”

Hello! my name is Sammy; i’m an ftm 18 yr old Paul Simon wannabe. welcome to my corner of Youtube! I hope u enjoy your stay.”
sam x

Fewer words can sum up the true meaning of an artist, but to understand the influences and originality of a musicians work can take a lifetime. With Sammy Copley, they wear their influences on their sleeve and emit pure joy at any chance they get honoring them.

Copley‘s new single “Good Lie” was released October 16th on YouTube and already has over 20k views. It’s no surprise to see why either. The video touches a certain innocence among all of the images of social unrest and almost daily protests taking place around the world. The songs lyrics also radiates a message of hopefulness and hopelessness. Almost helplessly hoping that change will come for the better.

However, Copley manages to open his message up enough to give it an introspective and personalized feel where almost anyone can relate to while going through a hardship in their lives. We all want to be told everything will be okay, but what benefit does that bring? How can we expect to grow as both an individual and a society if we continue to ignore problems that are facing us. Much like the last words spoken on the track:

Tell me that good lie and we’ll see this through…the job’s not mine for taking, but I’ll be damned if I leave it to you

In the end, we all have to face the truth and work past the lies.

Don’t forget to take a look at Sammy Copley‘s YouTube channel filled with both covers and originals and take a second and listen to his new single “Good Lie“…

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