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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Premiere…”Negan Knows NO Boundries!!!”



the-walking-dead-season-7-negan-jeffrey dean morganLast seasons finale left “The Walking Dead” fans in anguish for almost 7 months to what I will say was the most anticipated season premiere since the Dallas cliffhanger of “Who shot JR?” 36 years ago. Yet, nothing could prepare us for what we witnessed last night ad will still be talking about for weeks to come, and they were not kidding when they stated “We’re Just Getting Started!”

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“The Walking Dead” Show And Comic Book Endings Will Differ…


the walking dead neegan grimes

The Walking Dead will premiere season seven on AMC later this month, and the man that created the series, Robert Kirkman, is once again teasing the end of the popular drama. He is also the man behind the comics the series is based on, and he revealed that the series and comics will have different endings.

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Why A Zombie Threat Isn’t Such A Terrifying Thing

Zombie Movies Make NO SENSE!!!

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If you fear a zombie you shouldn’t, well I guess you should, but don’t be to worried. A zombie infection is a high possibility.  We already have diseases like rabies and others that cause people to display zombie like traits. Although we don’t have any diseases or infections that turn people into actual zombies, a zombie apocalypse is arguably the most realistic turn of events. With our technology not being nearly advanced to fear the rise of the machines, and laws placed to prevent a nuclear apocalypse, a zombie apocalypse is the most reasonable way for the end of the world.

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Psych: The Final Season Reviewed

A Season of Guest Stars, Horror, and The Man With the Chin

I’m sure, like me, many of you guessed last year when it was announced that Psych would be cut down to eight episodes for the upcoming season eight that it was sure to be cancelled. Followed by seeing Maggie Lawson (Juliette) cast in the ABC show Back in the Game pretty much solidified any hopes one would have. Once Back in the Game was cancelled, speculation started that maybe this wasn’t the end of PSYCH and it would continue on. Any and all hope was shot when, at the end of episode five, James Roday (Shawn Spencer) and Dule Hill (Burton Guster) announced that this would indeed be PSYCH’s final season with the series finale airing March 26th. There has been talk about USA bringing back PSYCH in the future as a movie, but I’ve been around the block enough times to know not to hold my breath. Continue reading Psych: The Final Season Reviewed