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The Crow…Is It Really That Great?

I Mean…

Now before eyes are rolled, let me at least make my case. I love The Crow and ended up discovering the iconic film at the angst filled age of 13. All of the darkness and grungey music pulled me right into its decrepit world. I remember trying to learn Eric Draven‘s melody he played on guitar atop his burned out apartment roof when I first picked up the instrument. But in all reality, what does the film really have to offer? Continue reading The Crow…Is It Really That Great?

Jason Momoa…The New “CROW”???

Finally…Justice for “The Crow”

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For years we have heard rumors about a supposed remake of the 1994 cult classic “The Crow”, and now it’s here. Now supposedly the king of Atlantis himself is stepping onto the screen as the vengeful spirit, and taking the persona of Eric Draven (the original crow). Yes! Jason Momoa is in the talks to be the star of “The Crow” remake with Luke Evans officially severing all ties to the role.

Continue reading Jason Momoa…The New “CROW”???