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‘Believe’ 1×09 “Prodigy” Promo


Grissom’s recommendation for must see T.V. picks premiering in 2014.

If you were a fan of shows like Alphas and Mutant X, you will  love NBC’s new show Believe which airs Sunday at 9/8c.

I have to say I was on the fence for this when I first saw the previews and decided to give it a chance anyways. I am just thrilled, this show has a small ensemble cast and watching them try to fit together like pieces of a puzzle is done in a very well but in a subtle way that you can’t help but wonder if a puzzle piece will be lost. Personally I do not think they could have casted a more talented actress to play the role of Bo Adams than Johnny Sequoyah (love both of the 1st names FYI). As for the role of William Tate, I know he has played a lot of different roles but to Grissom here, he will always in my heart be Alex Karev’s baby brother Aaron.

Believe is my recommendation. Check below for promo and where you can catch full episode of Believe. As always let us know your thoughts.

NBC's Believe featuring Johnny Sequoyah (Bo Adams)
Photo Courtesy of: NBC & Bad Robot

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