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After Fan Outcry, Sonic Will Be “Fixed” #gottafixfast

After the release of the three minute “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie, fans freaked out do to the horrible cgi version of the titular hero. With such backlash from the fan base, VFX artist Jeff Fowler pledged in a tweet that everyone at Paramount and Sega will be working to fix this monstrosity.

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The Problem With Nostalgia

The most common marketing tool, your fond memories are being sold back to you in shinier new forms that are in no way close to the original. Companies are praying off your childhood and you pay them money for it, whether it’s is good or not, just look at the “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie. A common tactic deployed by marketing agencies and businesses that provide entertainment, is nostalgia. Selling you something you already know is something that companies have been doing for ages, now this doesn’t sound to bad right? Wrong. It is the worst thing for the entertainment market, which is a very broad market.

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“Sonic the Hedgehog” The Movie That Should Never Be… Looks Good?

Okay… Now here is a conundrum. In no way does anyone believe that the “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie, by Paramount Pictures will be in any way decent. Yet, despite the fact that they a producing a movie, that no one past 1999, has asked for, they managed to produce a somewhat enjoyable trailer.

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