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Nick’s Abandoned Tour 2017 Week 3 “Bennie & The Jets”

“B-B-B-Bennie And The Jetsssssss”


Week 3 brought us some more surprises. After touring an abandoned house in Anchor, IL where it looks like a family up and vanished into the night over a decade ago. The house was still furnished complete with pictures and clothes still in the closet. Continue reading Nick’s Abandoned Tour 2017 Week 3 “Bennie & The Jets”

The Abandoned Concert Tour…Continued!

Every Place Has A Story To Tell

                                           Nick Kelley reflecting on the days past

Last week, Shallow Graves Magazine started a new segment titled “The Abandoned Concert Tour”. As part of the segment, Nick travels to random abandoned places and performs some of his favorite songs. Continue reading The Abandoned Concert Tour…Continued!