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Joaquin Pheonix’s “Joker” Had A Script That Was Rewritten Daily On Set

Often times rewrites to a script can potentially kill an entire move, especially when the movie is in the midst of filming. Although, the “Joker” film seems to be a whole new beast. Getting praise from critics already, this film is credited with being an original take on superhero films and comic book movies at a time when all of them are starting to feel the same.

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Jake’s Take: Suicide Squad Review

Why The Hell Does The Joker Suck So Badly?


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What do I think of the suicide squad movie? I think it was fantastic and probably DC’s best movie in a long time. Although the movie was pretty good I do believe there were some problems with it. Two problems come to mind and aren’t too big but could be touched upon in future installments, if we are that lucky. Continue reading Jake’s Take: Suicide Squad Review