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No More Chair Shots For AEW?

AEW has made it known that it will bring good old fashioned fun sports entertainment back to the people, yet they may have already found themselves in a sticky situation with that one. In late June during their Fyter Fest event in Daytona Beach, Cody Rhodes suffered an injury at the hands of Shawn Spears via an unprotected chair shot. This is the source of a major problem AEW is facing right now.

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“Arrow” Star Stephen Amell, Out Of Work?

Now that the CW show “Arrow” is coming to its final 10 episode eight season, people are curious what the man who plays Oliver Queen will be doing next. Not to long back, Stephen hinted at a new project he was working on that he was very excited about, it involves something he has been decently passionate about for a while now. It involves… wrestling!

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