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The Many Ideas For The New “Rick and Morty” Season

Dan Harmon sure is working hard. With the creators of the show “Rick and Morty“, absolutely working as hard as they can to satiate the obnoxious fix for episodes that Adultswim and Cartoon Network have issued, many ideas are being thrown up in the air. Some good and some, uhm well, just kind of there.

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Remember These Cartoon Network “Groovies”?

The Nostalgia Has Never Been Stronger…


In the early 2000’s, Cartoon Network was gaining more notoriety with out of the box shows like Dexter’s LaboratoryPowerpuff Girls, and Courage The Cowardly Dog (to name a few). One of the most memorable parts of their daily programming wasn’t the shows though, but the strange (and now legendary) music videos in between.

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