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Jake’s Take: ‘Aquaman Review…Is DC Back On Track???


Marvel officially holds the throne on superhero movies, yet that does not mean no one else can make a good one.  Aquaman is an example of this. The movie was a fun and wild ride all the way through and had me smiling in the theatre throughout its entire length, like a movie should do.  Is it the best superhero movie out there? No, and I feel as though DC knows that.  Is it enough to turn the tides on Marvel? No, and DC definitely knows that.  But is it good enough to be a movie you can go and enjoy? Absolutely yes.  WARNING SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD…

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Jason Momoa…The New “CROW”???

Finally…Justice for “The Crow”

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For years we have heard rumors about a supposed remake of the 1994 cult classic “The Crow”, and now it’s here. Now supposedly the king of Atlantis himself is stepping onto the screen as the vengeful spirit, and taking the persona of Eric Draven (the original crow). Yes! Jason Momoa is in the talks to be the star of “The Crow” remake with Luke Evans officially severing all ties to the role.

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