“Swamp Thing” Official Trailer

Quickly approaching the release date of what may be DC comics’ most ambitious show yet. Based on the character of the same name, “Swamp Thing” looks to be more of a thriller/horror than that of the action/dramas we are used to from DC shows.

The trailer is set to eerie music and somewhat disturbing sights that shifted the tone of what you may have thought the show would be like. With the shot of Swamp Thing crawling out of the water, it really tells you what this shows atmosphere may be like. As one of the more monstrous of DC’s “heroes” (if you can really call him that), it makes sense to go a somewhat darker route with this show.

Separating itself from the rest of the shows that DC is promoting on the CW as well as their own streaming service. The question is how they will use the Swamp Thing within the show? Barely showing him in the trailer, it creates a sense of mystery to the supernatural character and as to what his intentions may be.

The show will be premiering on DC’s private streaming service DC Universe on May 31st, 2019.

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