‘Supernatural’ The Top 5 Best & The Worst On The Road So Far


“Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas, has been the season finale theme song for the hit CW series ‘Supernatural’ since season one and has become an integral part of the series that brings us on ‘”THE ROAD SO FAR”

Season One

Season Twelve

Over the years, I have stuck with the Winchester Brothers through thick and thin, through all the losses and few gains.

To be honest, I almost gave up completely on this show in Season 10, literally quit watching 2/3 of the way through, and walked away for a year. Seasons 8 & 9 were a train wreck of mass proportions and I could not put myself through the agony anymore on a week to week basis! There were some painful moments in Season 10, that even for a fan like me was too much.I felt they were going further and further from the roots of what made this show stand out from the rest and have staying power.

It was by chance, I decided to tune back in, and give it one final chance once Season 11 was coming to a close. In my opinion Season 10 was by far the worst (I would not even know where to start on what I feel went wrong), Season 11 thankfully hooked me back in to enjoy the show once again.

Although Season 12, got off to a slow start, (Rick Springfield as Lucifer…nough said), bringing back cast favorites Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) and the one and only Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino), were by far two of the most brilliant moves the creators behind the scenes have made in what feels like forever with the added bonus: “Men of Letters” storyline finally put to rest! YES DEAN WINCHESTER THERE IS A GOD!

Going back and revisiting all 12 seasons, I bring to you, The top 5 best and worst episodes of Supernatural:


  • Yellow Fever (Season 4X6): 
    Synopsis: Sam and Dean discover a Colorado small town’s darkest secret as a wave of people fall prey to a “ghost sickness” that induces fear, paranoia, and ultimately a fatal heart attack. Sam and Bobby must figure out the cause and cure of the sickness when Dean himself falls prey to it.

Let’s face it, Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), had great comic timing for this episode with Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), playing the straight guy. Plus, can you go wrong with Jim Beaver actually speaking Mandarin? Duh…no!

  • Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Season 3X10)

Synopsis: When Bobby Singer is discovered in a coma, Dean and Sam uncover a student who works through people’s dreams to destroy them.

This is one of the few episodes where you got a small glimpse into the psyche of Dean, Bobby, and Sam. It dealt with fear that Bobby held on not being able to save his wife, Dean felt on becoming a demon and much more so, how he tried to emulate his father because he never felt good enough in John’s eyes. In the end, it gave the viewers a sense of who they were and why they chose the life of a hunter.

  • Mystery Spot (Season 3X11):

Synopsis: Sam relives the same day over and over, continually having to deal with Dean’s death.

How many ways can Dean Winchester die? Evidently quite a few and the writers were creative, making you wonder how they could top it. In the end, you laughed, you cried, it was better than CATS!

  • Tall Tales (Season 2X15)

Synopsis: When colleague hunter Bobby Singer arrives, the Winchester brothers tell him alternative versions, each incriminating the other, of their weird experiences in a university where improbable stories happened. Professor Cox made a fatal fall when seduced by a non-student girl, a frat’s pledge-master reportedly suffered extreme hazing after an alien abduction, a research assistant’s arm was eaten alive by a sewer alligator. Sam lost his computer, Dean his car. Bobby concludes it’s the work of a trickster demon. The brothers have a single suspect, who puts on a grand final fight of wit and temptation.

Tall Tales, gave us a look at how Supernatural could just have fun, and the brilliant introduction of Richard Speight, Jr as the Trickster! The script, the timing, the actors…it was all spot on!

  • Changing Channels (Season 5X8)

Synopsis: Sam and Dean catch up with the Trickster, who sends them through a dizzying montage of TV show parodies, inviting them to play along with their “roles” or be stuck in “TV Land” forever. But once Castiel shows up, the boys get an idea as to what the Trickster might be hiding and eventually come up with a surprising answer.

Again…Bringing Richard Speight, Jr. back already makes this episode great! They parodied so many different shows on TV at the time and sold it! 

Now onto…


  • Route 666 (Season 1X13)

Dean is contacted by an ex-flame who asks him for help when black men in her hometown are being murdered by a driver-less racist truck.

When the best picture you can find is of a racist truck…enough said! RACIST TRUCK SERIOUSLY!!!

  • Like A Virgin (Season 6X12)

Synopsis: Dean and Bobby investigate the disappearance of teenage girls when Sam awakes after recovering his mended soul. Bobby still does not trust Sam and Dean and his brother travel to investigate further. They find that the abducted girls are virgins and that dragons are the responsible for the kidnappings. Dean calls Bobby and he tells the name of a specialist that may teach them how to vanquish the dragon. While Sam searches where the dragon might be hidden, Dean visits Dr. Eleanor Visyak that tells him that he needs a blade forged with dragon blood. Dean borrows a piece of the weapon with her and he goes with Sam to the sewage system where they find the missing girls. They also recovers a Fourteen Century paper and Bobby translates parts and discovers that the dragon wishes to open the purgatory’s door to release the Mother of all.

An episode about Dragons and virgins made me wish I was Sam and in a coma! God knows, it was a nightmare to watch!

  • Remember The Titans (Season 8X16)

Synopsis: Sam and Dean come across a mysterious man that dies once every day.

I want to know the name of the person who actually read this script and said, “YES! this is the one, let’s go with it!” It was a horrible acid trip gone wrong. Everyone in this episode including Jensen and Jared looked so disinterested and pained, like they were constipated!

  • Bad Boys (Season 9X7)

Synopsis: Dean and Sam visit Dean’s old boy’s home that’s now being haunted by a ghost.

Let’s try to introduce a part of Dean’s past that has nothing to do with anything in the storyline! It didn’t answer anything, it didn’t explain anything…there was absolutely no purpose! It sucked ass!!! 

  • Bloodlines (Episode 9X20)

Synopsis: Sam and Dean visit Chicago and find the city’s underbelly is divided between powerful clans of monsters, including werewolves and shape-shifters.

This was Supernatural’s attempt at a back door pilot! One, that thankfully went out the back door, fell off the dock, and drowned. It was a great cure for insomnia!


There you have it, agree…disagree…there were a few more I would have loved to add…maybe next time!

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