“Supernatural” Star Jared Padalecki Pokes Fun At Arrest With Mug Shot Shirt

Last month we reported on Jared Padalecki and his arrest outside of a night club in Austin, Texas after he was charged with assault, yet it seems that the CW star has now turned that negative moment into a positive one by poking fun at his own mistakes.

During the Supernatural Official Convention in Jacksonville, Florida this weekend, Jared took to the stage with “Supernatural” co-star Jensen Ackles to reveal his new shirt.

Sporting a white t-shirt with the picture of Sam Winchester’s mugshot on it and the word “b****” below it, Jared has managed to poke fun at his own expensive and bring a smile and a laugh to all fans in attendance that day.

In this act, Jared showed his appreciation for all the fans that showed their support and how much they cared during the time of his arrest.

Recently, Jared landed himself the lead role in the up and coming “Walker, Texas Ranger” reboot.

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