Supernatural Season 12 Reunites Momma Winchester With Her Boys

‘You’re going to see two brothers be sons,’  says Jensen Ackles

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The CW

Finally a family reunion…

Supernatural’s eleventh season took sibling rivalries to a new level by introducing God’s sister, Amara. Fans learned all about how creation began, how God locked his sister away for billions of years, and by the end of the season, how two siblings could overcome all of it.

But where do you go from there? Well, considering you can’t go bigger than God’s family drama, new showrunner Andrew Dabb is refocusing on smaller family drama, but one that’s a bit closer to the hearts of fans — the Winchesters.

“Every time we do a big world-spanning story, we feel we’re really stretching our show,” Dabb tells EW. “What our show was designed to be and I think functions best as is smaller personal stories with a genre twist.”

And it’s hard not to tell a personal story when season 11 ended with the resurrection of Mary Winchester, Sam and Dean’s mother, who died in the pilot. “At the heart, the dynamic of the show is unchanged in that it’s always going to be about the brothers, it’s always going to be about the family they’ve put together,” Dabb says. “And Mary doesn’t so much upset that as complement it. When she comes in, it’s family through another lens.”
As Jensen Ackles puts it, “You’re going to see two brothers be sons. We saw that [with their dad, John], but when you’re a son to your father, it’s a different son than you are to your mother.”

Courtesy of: EW