“Supernatural” Crowley’s Bromance With Dean

‘Supernatural’ Season 12 spoilers: Mark Sheppard reveals intricate details about Crowley’s bromance with Dean, ultimate fate

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“Supernatural” Season 12 will see a lot of changes in terms of Sheppard’s character, especially considering the fact that the demons do not want to see him as their king any longer. In an interview with TV Insider, Sheppard revealed that Crowley is set to regain his throne in hell in the upcoming season.

Back in “Supernatural” Season 11, Crowley had a hard time convincing the demons, who thought that Crowley is Dean Winchester’s ally and lower in status and position to Lucifer. It was Lucifer, who turned Crowley into a slave in front of the demons at the time of occupying Misha Collins’ vessel.

Since the end of the previous season saw Lucifer’s extrusion from Castiel’s (Collins’) body, the next season is expected to depict Crowley’s journey in reclaiming his throne. Whatever be the plot, the journey is not expected to be an easy one.

“He wants to be in charge. But he has a few overpowering obstacles. Lucifer is the biggest one,” Sheppard said during the interview. “That’s his destiny. He likes to pretend he doesn’t care, but he’d be a bit lost without the job. Maybe he’s destined to fail, but it’s so amusing watching him try to regain the throne.”

The 52-year-old English actor further confirmed that Crowley’s unhappiness in hell would not stop him from making an effort to regain control over what he believes rightfully belongs to him.

Sheppard further revealed that in “Supernatural” Season 11, his character missed his bromance with Winchester, who was essentially a demon during Season 10 of the show. Crowley did a bad job in running the hell and was left unhappy as soon as the bromance between the two character vanished.

Crowley has been a villainous character on the show for very long. However, fans may not even remember why he is portrayed as a villain at all, apart from the fact that he killed Meg in Season 8. Meg, who started off as a villain, evolved to become Castiel’s love interest and Winchester’s strong ally.


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