Supernatural Actor Jim Beaver Mourns The Loss Of His Mother

Actor Jim Beaver, known for shows like “Supernatural” and “Deadwood“, is currently mourning his 91 year old mother, Dorothy Adwell Crawford, who passed away last night.

Beaver delivered this news through a heartfelt tweet that expressed how he is feeling about the matter:

My beautiful mom died tonight. She was 91. She had a sweet and loving soul. Her name was Dorothy Adell Crawford Beaver and I will be always grateful for the honor of being her only son.” 

Beaver’s tweet was heartfelt message was met in kind with other heartfelt messages, from co-stars, friends, and fans. “Supernatural” co-star Mark Sheppard, who lost his father back in January, tweeted “All my love”.
“Deadwood co-star Garret Dillahunt tweeted, “Buddy. I know.”

Fans have been non-stop with the support, sending Beaver hopeful and beautiful messages to help ease the pain of grief.

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