“Superman: Red Son” Animated Movie Trailer

In a world where the Earth’s greatest champion was born a villain, who will end up stopping the strongest man on the planet? In “Superman: Red Son” we may just get that answer. A new animated film brought to you by DC Comics, this movie takes place in an alternate universe where Superman was born in the Soviet Union.

Based on the DC graphic novel of the same name, “Superman: Red Son” shows the cold war in a different universe and the expansion of the Soviet Union. Considered one of the greatest DC graphic novels ever written, “Superman: Red Son” shows a morally conflicted Superman as he struggles with the burden of power.

Although the film seems to exaggerate some points throughout the graphic novel, it claims to stick very close to the story and shows a side to Superman that many have not heard of. People often ask the question, “if Superman is so powerful, why doesn’t he just stop all crime?” Well this tale shows exactly what Superman would be like if he exercised his authority and strength.

Check out the trailer down below:

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