Supergirl’s Reference To Gotham Doesn’t Mean A Batman Crossover…For Now…



We look forward to seeing Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman in the upcoming season premiere of “Supergirl, and you might have missed it, but there was a surprising little easter egg for DC Universe fans at the end of the recent Twitter trailer for the show: A put-upon father appears to vow that he and his family will be “moving back to Gotham.”

Before anyone gets over-excited speculating about a possible visit to the Dark Knight’s home city and whether it would be more fun for Kara to meet up with the younger Master Bruce seen in Fox’s“Gotham” TV series, “Supergirl” executive producer Ali Adler is keen to warn that such a crossover is not on the cards – at least, not yet.

“We have this beautiful history with DC, and I like that we get to borrow from this amazing, wonderful canon that we have,” Adler said in a recent interview with TVLine, before adding: “I feel like we have our hands full with the crossover we’re shooting right now.”


The event he is referring to is the alien invasion storyline set to span all four live-action superhero shows on The CW — “Supergirl,” “Arrow,” “Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow” — due to take place this December.

Adler concluded by saying: “I think people will be satisfied with how much crossover they’re getting this season.” All of which leaves the door massively open for all manner of crossovers further down the road…

Kara and her cousin Superman team-up in the “Supergirl” season 2 premiere on Monday, October 10 at 8pm ET on The CW.