Suicide Squad Director Confirms Who Killed Robin And How The Joker Got His Grill

Welp, looks like Jared Leto is here to stay… Director David Ayer just released who killed Robin and why the Joker is missing his teeth (Hint…Hint…Batman). Prepare for some spoilers up ahead.

Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad, Joker, Robin, Harley Quinn

There have been some rumors that Harley took out Robin (which would have been an interesting twist to the DC universe) probably due to her introduction in the film where “accomplice to the murder of robin”. fly across the screen. However, just as quickly as the rumors came, they can now be out to rest. Director David Ayer has now released that it is in fact the Joker who dealt the final blow.

“This is sort of my personal thing and maybe less about a larger connection,” David Ayer prefaces. “But Joker killed Robin and Batman basically smashes his teeth out and locks him up in Arkham Asylum. It’s in the asylum where Joker would have done the ‘damaged’ tattoo as a message to Batman saying, ‘You’ve damaged me. I was so beautiful before and now you’ve destroyed my face.’ That’s where the grill comes from.”

With a new Batman film not too far on the horizon, one can only wonder (and partially hope) this will actually be addressed instead of hinted at. Maybe we’ll see something with the Justice League. Who knows. But for now we’ll just have to wait…