Stranger Things Season 3: Can These Kids Just Get A Break

“Stranger Things” season 3 trailer has been dropped. Leaving 2 minutes and 50 seconds worth of suspense and thrills. Curiosity is rampant right now, wondering what these kids, now basically teenagers, are going to have to combat this time.

As we all know, Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s biggest hit shows, and it can only get bigger. Escalating the horror and thrills in each season and taking inspiration from movies like “IT”, “Firestarter”, “ET”, “Aliens”, and “The Goonies”, the series is full of suspense and interesting plot twists. If you don’t know, the series also has an amazing cast of characters with a couple of cameos from 80’s film classics hidden in there.

Last season ended on a cliff hanger, showing the terrifying beast that the group may have to face someday, but the trailer shows no real sign of that monster showing up… yet. Instead we see things like Eleven using her powers again and a new super monster, much like the ones they’ve fought before, but worse. The trailer also shows some development in characters and perhaps some changes in characters that may take place. The show will be premiered on Netflix on July 4th, so be prepared for stranger things.

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