Stranger Things 4 Teaser Trailer… Of Course Hopper Is Alive

For those who watched the final episode of season 3 of Netflix‘s “Stranger Things“, you were most likely telling yourself, “there is no way that Hopper is actually dead.” And it seems as those that presumption is correct.

With David Harbour, the actor who plays Jim Hopper, making his way to the big screen, it was understandable that many people would believe he wouldn’t show up in the next season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things”, yet considering how important of a character he is, the show would most likely not do as well without his inclusion.

The teaser itself is nothing really of note, being a minute long, and giving relatively no context as to what this season is going to be about. The teaser begins with a sweeping shot through what is most likely Russia, with a Russian anthem playing in the background and soviet soldiers watching over prisoners working on a chain gang. The shot then continues to a prisoner who takes his cap off in the snow, revealing a bald Jim Hopper.

Considering the ending of the last season and the fact that Russian has imprisoned their own Demigorgon, it is fair to believe that the main antagonist of this season will once again be the Soviet Union.

Check out the trailer down below and tell us your thoughts for season 4 of “Stranger Things”. How did you feel about the last season? Were you shocked that Hopper was confirmed to still be alive?

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