“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” Final Trailer Review

Last night during Monday night football, a trailer dropped, marking the end of an era. The final installment in the Star Wars main franchise, as of right now, is coming and there is nothing that can stop it.

To be quite honest, all biases aside, the trailer felt pretty underwhelming. Images and moments in the trailer made no context from what we know about this trilogy, and the nostalgia baiting felt uncomfortable at some points. This trailer truly made me wonder and cement my stance that this series had no direction.

Now I know it is just a trailer so I don’t have any basis on anything of the things that happened in the trailer, and they most likely will be explained in the final product, if they weren’t already explained in the multitude of leaks.

The trailer begins with Rey, a character that no one in the series has truly built a relationship yet, running through some forest while defending herself from training droids. I don’t know why she needs to train anymore if she is already gifted as the most powerful force user out there and the force just comes naturally to her, because in the words of Freddy Prince Jr. “You can’t level up in the force” (Please go and watch that interview). And then the trailer goes into the battle scene between Rey and Kylo Ren on what seems to be the partially sunken ship. The shot is interesting showing that you’re in store for an amazing duel… except you’re not because Rey beat Kylo twice already so he isn’t perceived as a threat in anyway.

Then comes the obligatory voiceover from Darth Sidious, stating that this has become his master plan to get everyone of these characters together… showing that Disney and Lucasfilm “planned this from the start”. Not to mention the shot of all the resistance ships behind the Millenium Falcon, which makes me question where all those came from if the resistance was diminished to a single ship in the last film?

My biggest grievance with the films trailer is the part with C3PO, a main stay and important character throughout the entirety of the series up until the new trilogy, and how he says this may be the last time he sees his “friends”. As if he has had more than one interaction with any of these characters throughout the two films beforehand. 3PO has been nothing but a punching bag in this trilogy who constantly gets told to either shut up or go away, literally ever interaction with any character in this new trilogy he is told to shut up! So why do you think in any sense, that I or anyone else above the age of 12 will feel sorrow if he never gets to see these husks of characters ever again?

The trailer really had one thing going for it, and that is the action. Despite how much I knock the new trilogy as being the worst trilogy of Star Wars yet, due to its inability to create interesting characters and tell a meaningful story, I will admit that this trilogy does have pretty decent action scenes. Even if those action scenes contradict story-telling and have no meaning behind them.

So let us know how you feel about the new films trailer. This is set to be the longest Star Wars film yet. Do you agree with the thoughts expressed here? Or do you think we are just haters who want to hate? Let us know by leaving comments on our site or our social media pages.

Check out the trailer below:

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