Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill Quits Facebook

The man who is known for playing the greatest force user of all time and the greatest villain of all time has just quit Facebook. Deleting his account, Mark Hamill was not happy with the political and personal aura the social media site had been emitting.

With the election year coming up, co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has been reluctant to take a stance on the political propaganda that the social media site has been spewing, this has caused people to get rather aggravated with the website, one of them including Mr. Hamill.

In a tweet Hamill said, “So disappointed that #MarkZuckerberg values profit more than truthfulness that I’ve decided to delete my @Facebook
account. I know this is a big “Who Cares?” for the world at large, but I’ll sleep better at night. #PatriotismOverProfits

Even acknowledging the fact that it isn’t the most important news that can be released, but he wants to let people who may be friends with him know why.

Hamill has never been one to shy away from his political views, and it seems now that he has taken this stance, many may follow behind him.

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