Star Wars Day And Its Many Deals

May the 4th be with you! As with every 4th of May every year, there are many different sales platforms selling many different Star Wars products, on sale.

Microsoft is said to be offering from 65-67% off on licensed Star Wars games. These sales can be found on Xbox live for the Xbox One.

Another platform selling Star Wars products for a lower price is of course, Steam. Steam, a platform known for sales, is offering a bundle known as “the Star Wars Complete Collection”. This bundle includes 26 Star Wars game in a collection for $84.56, that is almost 71% off.

Lego is also another sales platform known for their Star Wars deals on May 4th. With “Lego Star Wars” recently hitting its 20th anniversary, Lego is offering a bunch of deals today. One of these deals includes, if you spend $75 you will get a free “Battle of Hoth” set for free, and orders over $35 will get a free art print included.

Other platforms that will have deals are: Walmart, eBay, Humble, and many many more. I recommend checking some of these deals out and potentially purchasing some items to celebrate one of the greatest and most famous movie series of all time.

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