“Star Wars” Actor Mark Hamill States He Will Cameo On CW’s “Supernatural” Under One Condition

Supernatural” has been a staple on CW‘s programming since before the channel was even known as the CW, and yet here it is on it’s 15th and final season, looking to potentially get one of the biggest legends in Hollywood, yet only under one condition. He gets to bring a friend…

In a recent back and forth over social media, Mark Hamill and “Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki had an interaction in which they tossed back and forth the idea of a potential cameo from the Star Wars star himself.

On twitter Jared wrote, “If you get a chance to be @HamillHimself, always be @HamillHimself.” Referring to his character using Mark Hamill’s name as an alias.

To which, “And if you get a chance to do a cameo on #Supernatural without leaving your house, always GRAB IT! Much obliged for that, Jared!👍 Your pal, Mar🐫,” Hamill replied.

Jim Michaels, the show’s creator, then asked the question that everyone was thinking at the time, “Would you consider leaving your house @HamillHimself to come and play with us? Asking for a friend….

Hamill then replied in the most Mark Hamill of ways, by declaring, “Tell your friend the same thing I said to @Disney in 2012: ‘If #HarrisonFord does it, I’ll do it.”

The potential of seeing not one but two of Star Wars’ biggest cast members being on CW’s flagship show is an insane thought. Yet, it does seem as though it might be hard to get Harrison Ford to join in, but who knows what will happen in this crazy little world. Tell us what you think, are you down for seeing Hamill and Ford cameo on CW’s “Supernatural”, let us know in the comments below or on our social media pages.

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