Sony’s Own Spider-verse

Welcome to “Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters“! Here you can see all your favorite Spider-man related characters get their film and potential television series. Sony has released a list of potential characters and spider-man related heroes and villains that may head their own franchises/series.

As we know with the success of both the “Venom” and “Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse” movies, Sony has decided to go all in on their Marvel owned characters. Owning nearly 900 spider-man related characters and properties, the entertainment company has the next 8 years planned for potential series and movies. The company has gone on record stating that they’re still trying to figure out which certain properties can hold their own and potentially hold their own franchises.

So far we know that “Morbius” the movie is in the midst of production, but that is not the only one Sony has planned. Plans for the characters such as Silver Sable, Black Cat, Kraven, and “Venom 2” have been discussed and are a high likelihood. The team that is heading this crusade is said to be decently far on working out which characters have what it takes to get their own series. The company hopes to have their own interwoven universe to compete with and fight alongside other superhero universes.

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