Sony Introduces New Playstation 5 Features

Even though Sony isn’t holding their usual E-3 Press Conference this year, they are releasing small tid bits of information about their current largest project. Introducing the PS5, said to have faster loading times than any system on the market at the moment and holding a cloud storage system. But that’s not all.

The Playstation 5 is said to support not just 4k graphics but 8k with 3D audio and SSD storage with backwards compatibility. Now, as a playstation fan the one thing I missed from the PS3 and PS4 is the backwards compatibility. The PS2 was able to blay games from the first PS no problem, so why couldn’t these systems. Well fear not because the PS5 has the ability to play the Playstation 4 titles you own.The SSD storage was a big proving point for Sony. Showing it off using the Spider-man game that came out in late 2018, they used the game to show the rendering time of the city, and how it loads extremely fast as you rapidly navigate your way through out it.

Although Sony is absolutely focusing on the Playstation 5 and the next generation of gaming, they assure you not to worry about the current generation just yet. Telling the audience that the PS4 will “remain the engine of engagement and profitability in the next three years”.

Sony has also leaked some information on the potential of the PS5’s graphics, but has not demonstrated them yet. With so many new features and faster processing, it leaves people wondering what the release dates and the prices for something this wonderful will be. Yet, Sony will most likely not release this information for at least another year. But, even with all the information we have about the next system, it leaves gamer’ eyes wide open for the potential of the next generation of gaming.

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