“Sonic the Hedgehog” Release Date Is Pushed Back To 2020

After such harsh backlash from their fan base over the monstrosity that is “Sonic the Hedgehog“, Sega and Paramount Pictures have decided to change the design of the speedy blue hedgehog. This seems to have caused some problems in the editing bay because it has been announced that the film will be pushed back to 2020.

Setting a some what dangerous precedent for Hollywood, after such backlash and nearly 31.4 million views on YouTube, Jeff Fowler, over at Paramount, took the criticism and agreed to change the characters design.

Stating that the animators will be working very hard to change how Sonic looks, it seems as though this process has become something of a hassle for the animators. Now Paramount and Sega have agreed to push the film back another year.

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