Sonic Producer Says That Fans Will Be Happy With The Hedgehogs New Design

If you have not heard by now, “Sonic the Hedghog” the movie will be released in 2020. The movie was delayed over the excessive backlash for the film’s design of the beloved 90’s video game character. So, the team over at Paramount Pictures pledged to redo the character and supposedly, and according to producer, Tim Miller, fans may be pleased with this new design.

Although we do not know what the blue hedgehog looks like yet, Tim Miller assures us that fans will be pleased with this new design, even saying that he is absolutely pleased with it himself.

Yet, to be honest, anything is better than the ultra humanistic creepy hedgehog thing that we got in the first place. Hopefully, the fastest thing alive will look more like his cartoonish video game counterparts rather than the freak of nature we were going to get.

I personally can’t wait to see the redesign. And hopefully all the fans will be pleased with it, because if they aren’t I doubt that they will push the film off any further.

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