So I Rewatched FOX’s Rocky Horror…

Can You Guess How It Holds Up? I’ll Give You A Hint…Not Well!

So the article I wrote up last year after seeing the (as FOX put it) tribute focused a lot on the critiques that it received and how I found some of them unfair (original article here). Oh boy has my mind changed!

I’m just going to get right into it. Minus the fact that any of the jokes from the original that they tried to throw in completely and disgracefully fell flat, the whole production turned into “Disney does Rocky” or another terrible episode of Glee. God it is just terrible! Even after a year, it still does not hold up! I mean, just listen…

None of the spirit was there and nobody got the joke. The people that act out the movie at live Rocky Horror Picture Show events had a better sense of what the film encapsulates. There’s just no salvageable quality to the whole thing. If there was one thing that seemed alright, I guess “Science Fiction/Double Feature” wasn’t that bad? I like Ivy Levan‘s voice, but I would still prefer the original. Victoria Justice wasn’t too shabby either? She seemed to be the only one that got “it“.

So, in conclusion, it’s terrible. Don’t try to re-watch it. Don’t show it to your children. Don’t ever EVER try to re-do such a classic. Don’t. Next time, just stay in your car and wait for the rain to stop. Dammit Janet

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