Shallow Graves Exclusive Interviews: ‘Lucha Undergrounds’ Johnny Mundo & 619 Rey Mysterio Pt. 1


Last weekend at C2E2 2017 in Chicago, I had the privilege to sit down, well stand up, and chat with two wrestlers I absolutely adored as a kid.  The first I got to speak with, formerly went by the names of Johnny Nitro and John Morrison while serving his time in the WWE, but now goes by the name Johnny Mundo.  The next high flying star I had the privilege to interview was none other than the high flying Luchador, 619 Rey Mysterio.
 . Being the wrestling nerd I am, I of course wanted to know how they got into the sport.
Johnny Mundo was almost exactly how any of us think we could get into the wrestling. He was a huge fan of the WWE and would wrestle with his friends, until the day came when one of his friends, who had joined the wrestling team in school, came and laid the smack down on all of them, Johnny decided to step up.  Johnny joined his high school wrestling team and even became captain before deciding to do it for a career.
Watch the video below for the full interview!
To see these two amazing stars check out the show ‘Lucha Underground, (Wednesdays at 8 p.m. est.) on El Rey Network and Netflix.

And to see more of Johnny Mundo, check out the trailer for his new movieBoone the Bounty Hunter’.

boone the bounty hunter starring johnny mundo
For more information on ‘Boone the Bounty Hunter’, you can check out their website and Facebook page.
 Boone is available on the supporting platforms iTunes, Vudu, and Vimeo.
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