Seth Rollins Feels Disrespected By The WWE Universe For Constantly Being Booed

Last night Seth Rollins beat Erick Rowan in a falls count anywhere match on Monday night Raw. After the match Seth was then interviewed for the WWE‘s YouTube channel, in the interview he addressed something that has been obvious for a couple months now… the WWE Universe’s constant booing whenever he is on screen.

Set up as a baby face good guy, Seth Rollins is met with constant boos from the crowd and fans, especially when he comes up against Bray Wyatt and his Fiend persona. Considered one of the best things to come out of the WWE in its most recent incarnation, The Fiend is loved by everyone despite him being set as a villain and a demonic presence. When the lights go out, cheers erupt, and The Fiend attacks.

Although many people were upset with the outcome of the Hell in a Cell match featuring The Fiend and Seth Rollins that somehow ended in a disqualification (which makes absolutely no sense) people have been put off a little about WWE’s direction with The Fiend. So at Crowned Jewel, it is most likely that Seth Rollins and The Fiend will go at it again with Seth being booed and The Fiend being cheered.

Seth expressed his feelings in this quote:

There’s been a lot of disrespect going around lately, I feel like. The Fiend, I get it, he’s cool man. He’s fresh and he’s new and he’s got this cult following and that just puts a chip on my shoulder. I just feel like I’m out here every single week busting my back, breaking my back, putting this whole company on my back sometimes, and I don’t get the respect that I deserve cause there’s this new flavor of ice cream. And the dude’s scary, I get that too.

Seth is one of the most vocal members of the WWE’s roster even going so far to compare his Hell in a Cell match with The Fiend to that of Mankind and the Undertaker, after getting criticized for the ending on Twitter:

I imagine Mick and Taker might have liked the ref to stop the match there, might have added a few more years to Mick’s incredible career. Just a thought.

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